GDC Europe 2011: Lighting in Crysis 2

This presentation is part of my talk at the GDC Europe 2011 in Cologne with Tiago Sousa. It introduces the lighting features of the different iterations of the CryENGINE and presents the lighting challenges encountered in Crysis 2 from both an artistic and a technical point of view.


GDC Talk Video
Lighting in Crysis 2 PDF
Lighting in Crysis 2 PPTX
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Making of Crysis 2 DirextX11 Upgrade

The following article presents the new features introduced in the DirectX 11 pack for Crysis 2, from Realtime Local Reflection (RLR) to improved tonemapping as well as Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO) and Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra.


Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra Upgrade PDF from
Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra Upgrade PDF from

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Crysis 2 E3 Demo

I captured these official marketing screenshots for the E3 demo of Crysis 2 in June 2010. The demo features the iconic Grand Central Terminal in New York City, where EMP blasts gradually turn off the lights in the station, in real-time. The interior of the station made extensive use of scripted lighting.

All screenshots were fully rendered in real-time on PC, without any offline adjustment.

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