High Fidelity Graphics for games with HDRP

For Unite Now, Unity’s online conference, I created an hour-long video session about Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline. HDRP is tailored for high-quality visuals on high-end platforms, such as PC and consoles.

Unity’s Lights, Shadows, Reflections, and Volumetric Fog settings are covered in detail, to help Unity users maximize the visual quality in their projects. I end the session by talking about some of the most important post-processing effects, such as tonemapping, white balance, and depth of field.

I present several key features of HDRP, such as the volume system, the anti-aliasing techniques, the exposure system, the volumetric effects, and the different lighting components required to set up the lighting in Unity.

I also describe precisely the physically-based lighting concepts and the photography theory required to light a scene correctly with HDRP, using real-world exposures and light intensities for natural and artificial lights.


Pierre Yves Donzallaz (Video Editor, Writer & Senior Rendering Artist)